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[Essential oil and Fragrance Room Mist set] Essential oil 5ml Yuzu, Fragrance Room Mist 80ml Yuzu

[Essential oil and Fragrance Room Mist set] Essential oil 5ml Yuzu, Fragrance Room Mist 80ml Yuzu

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[Essential oil and Fragrance Room Mist set]
Essential Oil 5ml Yuzu, Fragrance Room Mist 80ml Yuzu

You will receive a Shigaraki aroma dish that can be used as a diffuser.

About essential oil 5ml Yuzu ▽
  • Of the fruit skins (exocarp + endocarp), only the exocarp that contains the essential oil is carefully shaved and distilled. The scent is pure, strong, and long-lasting.

    [Contents] 5ml
    [Botanical name] Yuzu
    [Scientific name] Citrus junos
    [Raw material production area] Okuise, Mie Prefecture JAPAN
    [Production part] Pericarp (exocarp)
    [Manufacturing method] Steam distillation method
    [Main aroma ingredients]
    d-limonene γ-terpinene
    Myrcene α-pinene β-phellandrene, etc.
    *These are not in order of content.
  • Plant characteristics:
  • We use yuzu grown in Okuise, which is surrounded by Ise Jingu shrine, Kumano Kodo (the old roads to Ise Jingu shrine), and UNESCO Eco Park. Yuzu is said to have been introduced as early as the Nara period (710-794) in Japan, and during the Edo period (1603-1690), it was cultivated in various places and became a familiar part of people's lives.

    A citrus scent that is refreshing and warm like the sun.
    It gives you a sense of security, like returning to your nostalgic hometown.
  • At times like this
    ・When you want to relax
    ・When you want to relieve tension
    ・For mental and physical exhaustion after childbirth or surgery

    *10ml size containers are used for both 5ml and 10ml essential oils.

    For detailed usage information ▽
  • - Add 1 to 2 drops to something close to you, such as cotton or tissue paper. You can use it right away on your desk at work or next to your pillow at bedtime. *Essential oils may seep out and alter the quality of materials such as desks. Be sure to use a rug. ・Use an aroma dish. This is useful when scenting your surroundings or a small area. Find your favorite one, such as wooden or ceramic ones. Try using 3 to 5 drops and adjust the strength of the scent.
    ・Use a diffuser to spread the scent over a wider area quickly and for a longer period of time. Adjust the number of drops depending on the size of the room and the strength of the scent. Be sure to check the equipment manual for details on how to use it.

  • Precautions for use ▽
  • ・Do not apply the undiluted solution directly to your skin. ・Do not let it get into your mouth or eyes. ・It is flammable. ・Please handle with care around open flames. ・It may melt plastic etc. ・If the essential oil is spilled If this occurs, please wipe it off immediately. - If you are a child, pregnant woman, or have a chronic illness, please consult a specialist before using. - If you feel any discomfort while using the product, immediately stop using it and ventilate the area.・Please use tree essential oils within one year and citrus essential oils within six months after purchase.

  • Precautions for storage ▽
  • ・Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity, and sudden temperature changes. Please be especially careful near windows, in the car, and in the bathroom. - Close the cap immediately after use. - Store the bottle upright. - Store out of reach of children and pets.

  • About Fragrance Room Mist 80ml Yuzu ▽
  • A room mist that uses natural essential oil (yuzu exocarp oil) that is distilled only from the exocarp of yuzu, which grows in the mountains of Okuise, located west of Ise Grand Shrine. The pure and warm scent of yuzu spreads throughout.
    *Please shake the container well before spraying.

    ・When you want to relax ・When you want to take a breather and change your mood ・When you want to feel relieved ・When you want to create a calm and enjoyable atmosphere, etc.

    Please use it in the living room, entrance, bedroom, etc. It is also recommended when you suddenly have visitors or when you are concerned about the smell of your home.
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