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Fragrance Room Mist 80ml Yuzu

Fragrance Room Mist 80ml Yuzu

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Fragrance Room Mist 80ml Yuzu
A room mist that uses natural essential oil (yuzu exocarp oil) that is distilled only from the exocarp of yuzu, which grows in the mountains of Okuise, located west of Ise Grand Shrine. The pure and warm scent of yuzu spreads throughout.
*Please shake the container well before spraying.

・When you want to relax ・When you want to take a breather and change your mood ・When you want to feel relieved ・When you want to create a calm and enjoyable atmosphere, etc.

Please use it in the living room, entrance, bedroom, etc. It is also recommended when you suddenly have visitors or when you are concerned about the smell of your home.


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