The thoughts of Koka Ninja Village and the thoughts of all of Japan.

Koka City, Shiga Prefecture, a village of medicine and a village of ninjas,
is rich town with a lot of beautiful nature.

There are mountains rich in nature, beautiful water nurtured by the mountains.
Thanks to that, beautiful creatures are being nurtured continuously.

In the same way, each region of Japan has its own unique nature, and own long history.  The gifts of nature that come from it are all one-of-a-kind.

"We want to deliver a gift from this beautiful land."

"We want to spread the goodness of Japan more"

The ninjaroma project started with such thoughts.

We would like to deliver to the world a variety of gifts of nature that are filled with the essence of each region.

We hope that the blessings of nature in Koka, which is being created little by little, and the gifts from the wonderful nature in various parts of Japan, which has already fascinated many people, will reach more people throughout the country and around the world from here.

Enjoy the scent of nature and history to your heart's content with the joy of many people.






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